Why claim?

Why claim?

Thousands of accidents occur every year in the UK where the injured party was not at fault, and in many cases those victims are legally entitled to claim personal injury compensation. That's where Jigsaw Law can help.

Some people are reluctant to claim as they wrongly believe other people will think less of them, or feel their injuries aren't sufficient enough. It's important to remember that insurance policies are intended to assist victims of non-fault accidents, and the consequences of an accident are not always instantly apparent.

In many cases, injuries will often intensify over a period of time before subsiding, having an impact on your everyday life and mobility, particularly if you have a physically demanding job. Of course, each individual is different.

Jigsaw Law are here to support genuine victims of an accident that wasn't their fault.

What is no win no fee?

If you've been injured as the result of an accident that wasn't your fault, our team of no win no fee solicitors can help.  No win no fee agreements (or Conditional Fee Agreements) give you the peace of mind that if we fail to win your case, you will not be liable to pay a penny towards our legal fees. If however, your case is successful, Jigsaw Law will deduct up to 25% of your final compensation to cover our legal fees. If we are acting for you on this basis, we will have discussed this with you at the outset of your claim. There may be exceptions to this which your solicitor will discuss with you.

You may decide to take out an after the event insurance policy designed to cover the opponent's legal costs in the unlikely event that your case is unsuccessful. Our legal advisors can discuss this and our fees with you in more detail.

If you’d like to talk to one of our experienced claims advisors, you can call us on 0151 541 7555 or request a call back by completing this short form.