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Whiplash injury claims

Whiplash is one of the most common and adverse forms of injury experienced when involved in a road traffic accident, with the sufferer reduced to limited movement around the shoulders and neck area. In the vast majority of cases, the sufferer will also have to wear a neck brace and in extreme cases undertake physiotherapy.

Whiplash can also cause muscle pain, headaches and a number of other complications surrounding general movement. Our experience with whiplash claims show that a person can expect to suffer with the injury anywhere between 3-6 months. Depending on the severity of the crash and the injury however, many symptoms have been known to last a lot longer. Your physical condition prior to the accident is also an integral factor to the success of your claim. For example, if a previous injury has been aggravated due to your road traffic accident, this will also be taken into consideration.

In some cases, whiplash can be so severe that sufferers are unable to perform simple daily tasks, including cooking, walking and showering. Performing in your working environment can also be a struggle, especially if you have a physically demanding job.

Making a whiplash compensation claim 
However you have been injured due to the negligent actions of a third party on the road, we have the expertise to help you.

As specialist road traffic accident solicitors, we can advise if you are entitled to make a whiplash claim following your accident, and can also arrange any help and support you may need. From medical expenses to loss of earnings, we’re here to recover the costs of your road traffic accident, and get you the compensation you deserve for your suffering.

You can be safe in the knowledge that we will fight to protect your rights against any whiplash injury you have suffered on the road.

To start your claim, call 0845 340 0509 or complete our online claim form. You can also view our personal injury calculator to see what compensation you could receive for your injury.  


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