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Accident at Work Compensation Claims

Whatever your profession, your employer has a mandatory duty of care for you and your colleagues. The working environment must be safe and your health should be a priority. But even the most diligent of businesses make mistakes.

Annually, thousands of workers suffer from a personal injury that wasn’t their fault. To avoid work accident claims, employers undertake risk assessments of the conditions and equipment on the premises. Your employer is also responsible for providing you with adequate training that meets your job requirements, so you - and those around you - remain safe.

 Who Is Responsible?

 Although it’s up to your employer to implement their own safety guidelines, employees are also required to behave in a responsible manner and follow company training. When a member of staff notices a breach in health and safety, he or she must report it immediately to a senior employee, to safeguard everyone’s security.

Some of the most common safety hazards in the workplace include: inadequate training, damaged or poorly maintained equipment, unsafe working practices.

If employee safety is compromised, and an employer’s negligence has caused a personal injury, staff may wish to make a work accident compensation claim,as recompense for suffering or as a means of recovering lost wages.    

What Should You Do If You’re Injured At Your Workplace?

Immediately notify your employer and promptly seek medical attention. Before you leave, be sure to take photographic evidence of the health and safety breach, if at all possible. Remember any witnesses who were present at the scene, as their account of the events could support your evidence, if you make a workplace accident compensation claim.

By law, your employer should have a system in place to deal with any accidents on the premises, and should record the incident in the company’s accident book, which contains details of all injuries that have occurred in the workplace.

If you are likely to claim for work accident compensation, it’s important to receive medical attention as soon as you possibly can, regardless of how minor you believe the injury to be. A medical professional’s evaluation will help strengthen your work accident claim and will ensure that your injuries don’t become increasingly debilitating.

Of course, if your injury is exceptionally severe, call an ambulance directly from your workplace or ask a colleague to do so for you. Beyond anything else, your health and safety should be your main priority.

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